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Have you been searching for a website completely devoted to high quality content! Look no further! You've come to the right place. EAdultFun is a MEGA site designed to bring you:

  • The best photos and videos of the hottest looking models.
  • The coolest interactive adult games online.
  • Models consist of amateurs, actresses, adult celebrities, porn stars, and print models who's appeared in major adult publications such as Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, Perfect 10, and many others
  • Over 205+ games to play with; free games section offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area
  • Our Gallery is updated EVERYDAY! There's always a new set of photos to enjoy.

Strip Poker with the new Jesse Capelli is here!! We've got her in a very hot and sexy school girl outfit! Our classic Strip Poker is one of the most popular game on our site! Voted as the members most favorite! Speaking of Polls- Did you know that Jesse Capelli was voted as one of the top favorite models by our fans. And the school girl outfit- is currently the most requested strip outfit! Yup!

Congratulations to Jelena Jensen for taking the big win in our last "Potential Strip Models" poll... We're going to get Jelena Jensen in our strip games very soon! There's a new poll up replacing the old one! Let us know who you think should be in our strip games? The candidates are: Xara Diaz, Zoe Britton, Crissy Moran, Vivana Hughes, and Angel Camel. (Note: By requests, we've added some of the previous choices back into the mix!)

There are 6 New Jigsaw Puzzles (4 horizontals and 2 verticals) in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section! All 7 of the gallery pages are now completely filled with puzzles!

We also added a NEW Imperfect Picture puzzle featuring Jana Cova. Enjoy!

We've got a new Strip Blackjack game with firewoman Amanda Lexx!!

If you like Amanda and want to see her and Penthouse Pet of the Year, Sunny Leone do some catfighting - visit SexyFighters.com They're currently battling it out this month!

Also- we've updated the classic strip blackjack games gallery with Isabella, Julie K. Smith, and Penny Flame (previously appeared only in the strip casino).

12 NEW Jigsaw Puzzles have been added to the Jigsaw Puzzles X section! There are 6 new horizontal puzzles and 6 new vertical puzzles. The latest update features various models including Kayla Marie, Jana Cova, Jesse Capelli, Lexi Lin, Isabella Camille, and a few others.

The search for the AlleyWarrior comic book artist is now over! Thanks to all the members who participated in our screening process. Congratulations to Dave Hoover- who has been selected to be the main artist for the project. For more information about the Alley Warrior comics, please visit: www.AlleyWarrior.com

We've got Penny Flame in a Snow White costume appearing in the Strip Casino! Fantasy Themed costume is currently one of the most popular requested outfits in our members poll! If you guys have any suggestions for costumes- please feel free to drop us an email and let us know what outfits you would like to see our models wear for the future strip games!

Happy Easter!

Pornstar Isabella Camille is here!! She's now appearing in our Strip Casino wearing her casual street clothes!  

For the catfight fans- If you're interested in seeing more of Isabella, visit SexyFighters.com where you can watch the videos of Isabella going head to head against Avery Adams and Monique Alexander! There are also strip tease videos and hot photos of her to check out.

We've added 5 new horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles to the Jigsaw Puzzles X section!

We've upgraded Jesse Capelli's Strip Poker game to include voice clips!! Come hear what Jesse Capelli really sounds like! We've even added a few new images to her game, so be sure to give her lots of tips!

FYI: Perfect 10 model, Jesse Capelli is the Penthouse Pet for April 2004. Hurry and grab your copy of Penthouse today while they're still on sale.

Also- we've made some improvements to all of the classic strip poker games to include a new rollover mouse change. And don't forget to check out SexyFighters.com where you can watch Jesse Capelli beat the crap out of Aimee Sweet! You'll also get to see some exclusive materials of Jesse Capelli including hot photos and her strip tease video!

NEW updates!! - We've added 5 new Jigsaw Puzzles to the Jigsaw Puzzles X section. Also- We've got Perfect 10 model Charisma Cole in her Hawaiian hula dancer outfit for our classic Strip Blackjack game. (She'll also be appearing in the Strip Casino as one of the dealers.)

In our last Strip Models poll, you guys voted for Avery Adams as your top choice!! Look out fellas- because we now have Avery Adams available in our Strip Casino and classic Strip Blackjack!! If you want to see more of Avery Adams, check out SexyFighters.com

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We've got a new Strip Casino dealer for you guys this week! Check out Penthouse Pet Julie K. Smith in her rollerblading outfit! If you like blondes with big boobs- Julie K. will make your day!

Here are the official results on the Poll for the next Strip Model.... Avery Adams (23%), Crissy Moran (19%), Autumn Austin (18%), Rachel Elizabeth (13%), Tanya James (12%), and Vivana Hughes (15%)! And the winner is Avery Adams!! We will be getting strip games with Avery Adams real soon!

Also- We've posted a new poll with 6 new models to choose from! Let us know who we should get into our strip games next!

For the Jesse Capelli fans- we are pleased to announce that she is now officially a Penthouse Pet (April 2004)! That's right guys- you can find her on the cover of the latest issue of Penthouse (April 2004 edition) on sale now at your local newsstand. Don't forget to grab your copy today! Congratulations to Jesse Capelli! (Just aheads up- We're going to give you guys a chance to meet Jesse Capelli in person later on and get your magazines signed. More information about this will be announced soon.)

It's Oscar Night! And we have Porn Star Asia Carrera all dressed up just in time for this eventful evening! Come play Strip Blackjack with Asia Carrera in her lovely formal wear outfit! (She's also available in the Strip Casino.)

For the classic Strip Blackjack fans- we've made Casual Jesse Capelli, Waitress Alyssa Lovelace, and Viking Girl Penny Flame available in our Strip Blackjack games gallery! If you love Jesse Capelli- She's currently featuring on SexyFighters.com!! Be sure to check out her match against Aimee Sweet! You can also find Penny Flame and Alyssa Lovelace on SexyFighters.com!!

We've got Strip Soccer with Alyssa Lovelace in our Strip Soccer games gallery! There are 5 different unique poses (images) for each of the different reward rounds in her game! This makes our strip soccer replayable if you want to see all 5 possible nude endings!

The wait is over! Strip Poker with Veronika Zemanova is here! Check Veronika out in her sexy school girl outfit! Click on Veronika to hear her erotic and sexy Czech voice!! Also- be sure to visit SexyFighters.com where you can see Veronika Zemanova kick some ass!

We've added 2 new vertical jigsaw puzzles featuring Love Cindy - (puzzle 87, 88) in our Jigsaw Puzzles X games gallery!

Penny Flame is here!!! We've added Viking girl Penny Flame into our Strip Casino! In our previous poll- Penny Flame was voted one of the top choices for the next Strip Games model. In another poll, Fantasy Themed outfits was the top choice.. We just want our fans to know that we really do listen to your requests.. Enjoy this update! (Also- we've added some other models back into the mix for our Strip Casino.. so you should have more choices of models to play with!)

We are pleased to announce a major improvement to our members area login! Our new login box will now take you directly into our members area instead of having to Click Here to Continue or enter in the annoying SessionPassword. Also we've fixed our members area security now so that you can watch the media clips without having to 'right click and save as'. (You can still right click and save the videos if you choose to.)

The Strip Casino gets a major update! We've added 4 new model slots to choose from in each of the rooms (total of 8 new selectable models). Also- the rotation system has been improved. Models will now cycle through their shift changes by moving from room to room every 10 minutes.. So if you see a model appearing in one room, you won't have to wait over an hour to see her appear in the other room. Please clear your disk cache to see the new changes! The Strip Casino is now at version 1.50!

We added 12 new Imperfect Picture puzzles! Also- we made Jamie Lynn available in the classic Strip Blackjack! Come play Strip Blackjack with Jamie Lynn in her Renaissance Maiden outfit!

Here are the official results on the Poll for the next Strip Model.... Alyssa Lovelace (24%), Penny Flame (19%), Isabella Camille (17%), Kira Reed (15%), Doria (14%), and Sunny Leone (11%)! We going to do our best in getting your top choices in the Strip Games real soon. We will be replacing the poll with new model choices soon! Hang tight!

We have a new model in our Strip Casino!! Featuring Jamie Lynn in a Renaissance Maiden outfit! (Note: Our new model (and outfit) was added based on the members polls. Previously in our polls- members voted on voluptuous/busty as the favorite breasts size; and wanted fantasy themed outfits. Hope you guys enjoy the latest update!)

There was a bug in the rotation of the dealers in the Strip Casino! (Thanks to those who reported this.) Apparently only the top row was updating every 10 minutes while the bottom row only updated every day... We've just fixed the problem! Both rows should now be updating offering at least 2 new dealers per 10 minutes. Also- we have added new code hooks to allow for those who wish to stare at the lobby screen to see the update take affect. (Before the update only takes affect while you're playing with a dealer and returning to the lobby.) Please clear your disk cache in order to see the new changes. The Strip Casino is now at version 1.30 - make sure it says version 1.30 when you load the game!

We will be adding a new Strip Casino dealer for this week's update! So hang tight!

For this week's update- We've added to the Strip Casino adult film actress Monique Alexander (wearing her casual street clothes)! She's also available in the standard Strip Blackjacks gallery. Monique is a porn star and B-movie actress who has appeared in a number of movies on Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime. Don't forget to visit SexyFighters.com where Monique is going head-to-head in a school girl catfight with porn star Isabella Camille!

MAJOR UPDATE! We opened up a new section in our games gallery devoted to "Imperfect Pictures". There are currently 24 picture puzzles to start off with. AND we will be adding more pictures later on!

We've got a new game type called "Imperfect Picture" (working title) in our members area! Your goal is to reassemble the scrambled picture by swapping pieces of the image around. Are you up to the challenge? There are 3 puzzles to play with for now! Join our Members area today for some fun and challenge!

Happy New Year! We would like to say "Thanks" to all of our members for their loyal and continued support! We will be working with lots of hot new models this year to produce tons of new strip games!! So get ready for a fun filled 2004!

We've expanded our Cartoon Strip Games lineup with 3 more Super Heroine Toons to play with!

Merry Christmas! We would like to wish all of our members - Happy Holidays!

Playboy Playmate Devin Devasquez is here for the holidays! Check out Strip Blackjack with Little Red Riding Hood Devin Devasquez in the Holiday Games Gallery! She's also available in the Strip Casino!

"Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go! The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh. Through white and drifted snow."

We've added a new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section featuring Alley Baggett! Don't forget to join Alley Baggett's Enchant!! Her members area is by far the best we've ever seen for a model's official website! She's currently offering a limited time Xmas Special Pricing!! If you've always thought about joining her website, now is the time to do it!

We've got a new exclusive Strip Blackjack game with Jana Cova! Watch out Barbie because Jana Cova is here! Look for Jana Cova in her Sexy Doll outfit in the Strip Blackjack games gallery. She is also appearing in the Strip Casino!

If you like Jana Cova and would like to see her kick some ass, check out SexyFighters.com!

We just posted a new game in our Holiday Games section- Come check out our Strip Poker game with Santa's Helper Julie K. Smith! Lots of new unique voice clips in this game! Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Don't forget to check out Julie K. Smith on SexyFighters.com!

A few members have email us letting us know that their favorite game is "Xtreme Solitaire" and that it was not listed as one of the poll choices. Ooops! We goofed and forgot to put it in as a voting option. Thus- we had to reset the poll question for "Which section of the Games Gallery is your most favorite?"

Official Announcement! Jesse Capelli is back!! And hotter then ever! Jesse has committed to working with us in developing new exclusive strip games for our members area! Hurray!! This time we will be getting full voice recordings for her Strip Poker game! Look for new Jesse Capelli games coming soon! (Note: We will be upgrading the previous Strip Poker game with Jesse Capelli to include new poses and voice clips!)

We posted a new Strip Blackjack game up featuring Lexi Lin! Come check out Lexi Lin in her Inmate outfit! Going to jail might not be so bad if you get stuck with this asian hottie! Lexi Lin is also available in the Strip Casino!

For those who voted for Alyssa Lovelace or Penny Flame on our poll as Potential Strip Models- You might be interested to know that Alyssa Lovelace and Penny Flame are going head to head in an all out catfight battle to become Santa's #1 Hoe!! Watch this catfight match exclusively on SexyFighters.com!!

We are pleased to announce that we will be getting B-movie actress and porn star Monique Alexander in our Strip Games! Look for her in our members area - coming soon!

We've created a new section called "Polls Gallery" just for fun and to better serve you! We will be looking at the results on the polls page to figure out what type of games to make and who our targetted paying members are. The polls page will be constantly changing- so check back often!

We've added 6 new Square Puzzles with a totally new pattern! The new puzzles should be slightly easier and fun to solve! We've also added 2 additional puzzles to the Jigsaw Puzzles X section (puzzle52,vpuzzle85)!

There was a gliche with the loading of Strip Poker with Linn Thomas and Strip Poker with Nicolette in the Strip Poker Games Gallery. The problem has been fixed and the games should be working now! Thanks to those who reported this!

There is a trick to solving the Square Puzzles... Some of our members may have figured this out already! But we went ahead posted this hint/secret for solving the Square Puzzles in our FAQ page!! Check it out!

We've created a new section in the Games Gallery for our Square Puzzles with 16 new Puzzles added!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thanks" to all of our members and fans for your support this past year! Your contributions has made our site possible and has kept us running over the past 3 years!!

We posted a new Strip Blackjack with School Girl Susan Summer! She's also available in the Strip Casino!

Our Strip Casino is now working again! The members area is now fully functional! All games should be working normally again. We will be adding some new content soon!

We had a server downtime recently on 11/17/03. We are currently in the process of moving our server from our East Coast datacenter to our West Coast datacenter. You may experience some glitches during this time.

We added Strip Blackjack with Jana Cova to the Blackjack gallery section- previously available only in the Strip Casino!

We've added a new Strip Soccer Player to our members area. Amanda Lexx is now back for some more action!! Do you think you can score enough points to get her naked?

We've got Strip Poker with Penthouse Pet April 2003 Jana Cova!! Remember to click on her for erotic audio responses... Jana has different things to say at various stages in the game. She's got a very sexy Czech accent!! Also- Don't forget to check out www.SexyFighters.com to see her in an all out catfight with Alyssa Lovelace, Teanna Kai, and Nicole Lesshell!

Important Announcement! There will be an hour downtime on Saturday November 8, 2003 - between 6-7am EST! During this time, our website will be temporarily down for a server maintenance.

We've got a new soccer player on the block!! Come play Strip Soccer with Playboy Playmate (and Penthouse Pet) Linn Thomas!!

Penthouse Pet and B-move actress Shauna O'Brien is Back!!! This time she's back in school in a sexy School Girl outfit!! Come play Strip Blackjack with Shauna O'Brien!! (If you're lucky, you can also catch her in the Strip Casino when she is dealing cards.)

Happy Halloween!!

Official Announcement! We will be getting Strip Games of Playboy Playmate Devin Devasquez! Check back for more information! (Quick Trivia: Did you know Devin Devasquez was a Star Search Spokesmodel? And she was in the movie "Can't Buy Me Love"?)

We've got a new Strip Soccer player on the block! Come play Strip Soccer with B-Movie Actress and Penthouse Pet April 1993 Julie K. Smith!!

For all the Julie K. Smith fans- Don't forget to check out www.SexyFighters.com where she's battling against Playboy Night Call host Doria!!

We've added a new Poll to our members area! Tell us what type of strip outfits you would like to see in our future Strip Games:
  • School Girl
  • Cheerleader (and Sports Uniforms)
  • Other Uniform Themed (such as Nurse, French Maid, Cop, Fireman, Waitress, Taxi/Cap Driver, Sailor, etc.),
  • Fantasy Themed (such as Pirate, Angel, Devil, RobinHood, Genie, FairMaiden, Warrior, Princess, SnowWhite, Goldilock, Cavewoman, Fairy, etc.)
  • Holiday Themed (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Pattys, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving)
  • Casual/Street Wear
Also- Feel free to send in your comments, requests, and suggestions!!

5 New Puzzles added to the Jigsaw Puzzles X section!   Featuring Playboy Playmate Devin Devasquez (vpuzzle 83, 84) and Tyler Fox (vpuzzle 81, 82 and puzzle 51)!

Don't forget to check out www.SexyFighters.com where Devin Devasquez and Clarissa go head to head in an all out catfight!! :-)

Also- we've made a bug fix to the Veronika Zemanova! Make sure you clear your cache before playing Strip Blackjack with Veronika Zemanova!

We've added 2 new Cartoon Strip Games featuring characters from "SuperBabesForce" Universe. SuperBabesForce.com is a Hardcore Adult cartoon comic book drawn in the style of "Batman: the Animated Series" - Coming Soon to a website near you! You can check out the website for a sneak preview!

We've got Strip Blackjack with Veronika Zemanova! Previously voted as the top choice in our Poll for the next Strip Games model!! Thanks to Veronika Zemanova for working with us in getting this game made!

Don't forget to check out www.SexyFighters.com where Veronika Zemanova and Sydney Moon go head to head in an all out catfight!! :-)

We've got Classic Strip Poker with Amateur model Nicolette in her school girl outfit!

We've updated the Poll with some new models to choose from! Let us know who you think should be in our Strip Games! Members will be able to vote on which model we should hire. (*-Note: while we can't guarantee the models will be available at the time of hiring, but we will certainly try our best to get your top choices!)

The Strip Games Models poll is now officially over! Veronika Zemanova came out on top! Followed by Charlie Laine and Ginger Jolie! We're happy to officially announce that we will be getting Veronika Zemanova for our Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack! We're also going to try our best to get the runner ups in our Strip Games!

We would like to thank everybody for voting!

Jordyn is back!! This time in her baseball outfit!! Come play Strip Blackjack with Baseball Player Jordyn!! Jordyn is also available as a dealer in the Strip Casino. You'll just have to catch her when she is dealing cards!

We've got a new Strip Soccer player on the block! Come play Strip Soccer with Penthouse Pet April 2003 Jana Cova!!

For all the Jana Cova fans- Don't forget to check out www.SexyFighters.com where she's battling against Penthouse Pet October 2001 Teanna Kai in a Chocolate Syrup match!! It's a catfight of the Penthouse Pets!!

We've added a classic Strip Blackjack with School Girl Sha. Sha (one of Mikki the Intern's Mate) is a real shy gal. See if you can get her out of her clothes!

Hang tight! We'll be adding more Strip Games soon!

There was a bug in the Strip Blackjack game with Lynne. (StripBlackjack and StripCasino version). Apparently she was taking off too much and putting back clothes when she was suppose to strip! Ah! Well- It's all fixed now! Thanks to one of our members for pointing this glitche out! Remember to clear out your cache folder before playing her game again!

We've got 3 New Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section (puzzle49,50, vpuzzle80) featuring Playboy Playmate Shannon Stewart (Miss June 2000) !! Many thanks to Shannon Stewart!

We've got 4 new Jigsaw Puzzles of everybody's favorite amateur model Sweet Shea! (vpuzzle 76,77,78,79)

Attention Jigsaw Puzzle fans! This is your lucky week! We've reorganized the Jigsaw Puzzles X section to pack more puzzles into the different gallery pages. We've added 5 new Jigsaw Puzzles of Vietnamese asian model Lexi Lin! (vpuzzle 71,72,73,74,75)

There was a bug with the Xtreme Solitaire game posted yesterday. It's all fixed now! Thanks to all those who reported the glitche!

For those looking for more "Xtreme Solitaire" we've added another game for you! Warning! This is a hardcore set!

Massive Jigsaw Puzzles update! We've added 14 new Jigsaw puzzles all in Gallery 7 and 8 of the Jigsaw Puzzles X section! 3 of the puzzles (vpuzzle68,69,70) feature Playboy Playmate Donna Perry (Miss November 1994) !!

We have an exclusive special for eAdultFun members- (courtesy of SexyFighters.com) We have the high resolution version of their free promo clip that's not available in any free area. See what SexyFighters.com is all about!

We've added 2 new square jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section of Veronika Zemanova! Veronika is currently the top voted model! If you've always wanted to see Veronika fight... head on over to www.SexyFighters.com!

New! We have Cherry dealing cards again in our Strip Casino!! Remember, our Strip Casino dealers are all workin in shifts! So if you don't catch your favorite dealer, check back regularly. There are 2 new dealers appearing every 10 minutes...

3 More Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles featuring Amanda Lexx!!

We've added another Xtreme Solitaire game!! Check it out!

We've added 4 new Jigsaw Puzzles to our Jigsaw Puzzles X section (gallery 7)!! Featuring: Playboy Playmate Charlotte Kemp, Porn Star Bobbi Eden, Playboy Nightcall Hostess Doria, and Internet Model Amanda Lexx (who recently appeared on Playboy TV!)

Hope everybody had a Happy 4th of July!! Well- as promised... We've added Strip Poker with Playboy Playmate (and Penthouse Pet) Linn Thomas to the members area! Come check her out in her colorful school girl outfit!

Also, if you've always wanted to see Linn Thomas and Alley Baggett go up against each other in an arm wrestling match, don't forget to check out SexyFighters.com

Another Xtreme Solitaire game has been added!! Xtreme Solitaire is a hit! Thanks for all the positive feedbacks and comments on Xtreme Solitaire! We've had a lot of email requests for "more! more! more!" - And so you will receive more!

We've added another Xtreme Solitaire game! By request- the reward images are hardcore!

We've got 7 new vertical jigsaw puzzles in Gallery 7 of Jigsaw Puzzles X section! Don't forget to click on "about" to learn more about the models in the puzzles! We'll the long awaited Strip Poker with Playboy Playmate Linn Thomas shortly. Plus new Xtreme Solitaire games before the month is over!!

More Xtreme Solitaire!! We've added another solitaire game with a new set of reward images! Thanks to Linn Thomas for providing the reward photos!

Are you guys ready for something new? We've just finished our new game engine- "Xtreme Solitaire" for the solitaire addicts! This game offers hours and hours of fun and challenge. There are multiple levels to complete- each level accompanied by a reward image for you to uncover! The first Solitaire game (of many to come!) features 3 hot, beautiful ladies doing their daily workout! Care to join them?

By overwhelming requests, we've added 2 new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles of Veronika Zemanova! If you are a big Veronika Zemanova fan, don't forget to visit www.SexyFighters.com to see more of Veronika Zemanova in action!! See Veronika kick Sydney Moon's ass!! :-) We're looking into getting her in our Strip Games!

We've added 4 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section!! The puzzles feature Doria and Veronika Zemanova!

Members poll updated!! We've replaced the previous potential strip game models poll with a new group of girls.. (Regarding the previous poll- We will attempt to get either Ann Marie or Phoniex since these girls were the two top voted models...)

Introducing Jana Cova - Penthouse Pet April 2003 in the Strip Casino!!

All the games are now working again! Make sure you clear your cache folder!

We're currently doing a System Maintenance during these hours: 2am-6am PST. If you're experiencing problems playing the games during this time, please come back after our System Maintenance period.

Our next strip game will be featuring Jana Cova - Penthouse Pet April 2003 appearing in the Strip Casino. Followed by Strip Poker with Linn Thomas - Playboy Playmate May 1997 and Penthouse Pet October 2000. Stay Tuned!!

We've added 3 new puzzles to challenge and entertain you! Look for them in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section! It's 3 for 3 day!! - 3 Puzzles with 3 Hot Women! Gotta love that!!

We've added another Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle to our members area.. Thanks to Rock 101 KLOL FM for providing us the photo of Miss Rockwear for the puzzle! Rock 101 KLOL FM is a Rock Station in Houston, Texas.

We fixed a small bug that was found in the Strip Blackjack with Mikki, Melody, and Misti. If you were getting shockwave errors playing any of those games, please clear your cache and then try replaying them. Thanks to those who reported the bug!

Get ready for another Strip Blackjack game!! Thanks to the folks at "the Buzz" for providing us with this hot new model. Check out - Misti, the Secretary!! Don't forget to tune into the Buzz 94.5FM - a radio station in Houston, Texas. (That's if you live in Texas of course.)

It's actually here!!! Classic Strip Poker with Julie K. Smith is now available! We've managed to finally finished her strip poker game!! For the those members who have requested the option to "buy" the shoes, we've made it possible to select Julie's boots as one of the options. Also- don't forget to click on Julie at different points in the game for various audio responses.

If you're interested in seeing more Julie K. Smith- check out www.SexyFighters.com Where you can see her fight!! There are hot sexy photos of her on SexyFighters.com as well as video clips of her catfighting Doria (Playboy Night call hostess) See Julie K. Smith like you've never seen her before!

We've added 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section of Linn Thomas. Linn Thomas is the world's first to become both Playboy Playmate (Miss May 1997) AND Penthouse Pet (October 2000)! Also - There are Exclusive ABTVShow Videos of Linn Thomas over at SexyFighters.com! Come see Linn Thomas arm wrestle Alley Baggett! We will have a Strip Poker game of Linn Thomas coming soon after we get the Strip Poker game of Julie K. Smith up and running!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Xtreme Digital Studios has teamed up with Razor Sharp Entertainment to bring you a new form of Entertainment! Introducing SexyFighters.com where hot and sexy girls battle it out in the Battle Pit! Now- these aren't just any old girls... We're talking Penthouse Pets, Perfect 10 Models, Playboy Models and Playmates, B-movie actresses, and popular Internet models!! There is a lot of profanity and nudity! If you've always wanted to hear your favorite model talk trash - now's your chance! They're getting down and dirty in a little oil wrestling...

Also featured on SexyFighters.com is an Exclusive Sex Trivia game with Alley Baggett (voted the most favorite Model on eAdultGames!) In addition, you'll get to see ABTVShows hosted by Alley Baggett. So head on over to SexyFighters.com for a free preview AND get ready to rumble with the SexyFighters. (Some of your favorite eAdultGames are made available on SexyFighters.com with new exclusive games to be added!)

We've added 2 new Strip Blackjack games in our games gallery featuring Mikki the Intern! and Melody the Nurse! Thanks to "the Buzz" radio station in Houston, Texas. If you live in Houston, don't forget to tune into 94.5FM and hear Mikki live! She's got a very hot sexy British voice.

There is also a Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle of Mikki in the Jigsaw Puzzle X section. Be sure to check that out!

And for the square Jigsaw puzzle fans- we've added a square Jigsaw Puzzle X of Porn Star Devon!

Our signup forms have been updated! Before a lot of signups were rejected because of the old forms we used. This is now fixed. If you were experiencing signup errors, now is a good time to signup again! Become a member today!

Official Announcement! We will be getting Jana Cova- Penthouse Pet April 2003 for our Strip Games!! Jana is currently on the front cover of Penthouse on sale at the newstand!

For the Jigsaw Puzzle fanatics.. We've added 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section- featuring Playboy Nightcall hosts Doria!

NEW! We've added a new Games Gallery called Cartoon Strip Games- As previously promised in a news announcement a while back. Come play Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with one our toon characters. These toons were custom made for stripping! Also- we've got new cartoon card faces to go along with the new toon games. Enjoy!! More characters coming soon! Stay "Tooned"!

2 New Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles featuring Devon have been added to our Jigsaw Puzzles X section!

For the soccer fans- We've added Strip Soccer with Kayla Marie in her referee outfit!!

We've posted 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section, of Julie K. Smith. Enjoy!

We've added Strip Poker with Alexis Taylor!! Come check Alexis out in her Hillbilly outfit!

We've just added 9 HOT new videos of Devon in our Members Area!!!

News Update- We've already shot Julie K. Smith for Strip Poker and have voice recordings for her as well! We're working on finishing up the development of that game! Alexis Taylor Strip Poker is near finish, and we hope to have that up real soon (with in the next few days.)

Here's what is coming down the pipe in the future updates: Strip Soccer with Kayla Marie, Strip Poker with Alexis Taylor, Strip Poker with Julie K. Smith, Strip Poker with Linn Thomas. More Square Puzzles by request.

For those looking for a big challenge- check out our new "Square Jigsaw Puzzles" in the Jigsaw Puzzle X section (MEMBERS ONLY!). We've had a lot of requests for the Square Puzzle pieces... Thanks for playing guys!

It's finally here! Strip Soccer with Playboy Lingerie Model - Alley Baggett!!

Happy New Year!!

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