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Have you been searching for a website completely devoted to high quality content! Look no further! You've come to the right place. EAdultFun is a MEGA site designed to bring you:

  • The best photos and videos of the hottest looking models.
  • The coolest interactive adult games online.
  • Models consist of amateurs, actresses, adult celebrities, porn stars, and print models who's appeared in major adult publications such as Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, Perfect 10, and many others
  • Over 205+ games to play with; free games section offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area
  • Our Gallery is updated EVERYDAY! There's always a new set of photos to enjoy.

We've updated our Strip Breakout Gallery with a new Game. Check out Strip Breakout with pornstar Devon!! Also- we've changed the levels on the Strip Breakout with Sweet Shea! (This new game was added by request from a few loyal members! Thanks for your support guys!)

Merry Christmas! (Happy Holidays!) We've added a Holiday Strip Blackjack with Linn Thomas! Come strip Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pent Linn Thomas in her Santa's Helper Outfit! Available only in the members area in the Holiday Section and Strip Casino!

It's official! We will be getting Strip Games with Playboy Playmate (Miss May 1997) and Penthouse Pet (October 2000), Linn Thomas! FYI: She's the world's first model to hold both titles. Stick around guys- we've got some other great news for you soon!

We made some bug fixes to the recently posted Strip Blackjack with Alexis Taylor. If you've already started playing, just clear your cache and close the game window and reload the game. Thanks to those who sent in the bug reports!

We've got Strip Blackjack with B-movie actress Alexis Taylor. Come check her out in a sexy secretary outfit in our Strip Blackjack games gallery! (You can also catch her in the Strip Casino if you're lucky.)

New Poll Questions!! We've got some casting photos of potential Strip Models for our Strip Games. Members will be able to vote on which model they feel should be hired. (*-Note: while we can't guarantee the models will be available at the time of hiring, but we will certainly try our best to get your top choices!)

Also, we've updated the second poll question to get an idea of what members prefer in terms of breasts size. This should be a fun and intersting question.. (This will help us get an idea on what type of models to look for in the future.)

Our Asian office girl Melanie is back! This time we have her in Strip Poker in a cute baby doll outfit. There will be more updates to the site coming this week! We plan to post more strip games this month- so stick around!

Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving!! We've updated our Jigsaw Puzzles X section with 3 more Vertical Jigsaw puzzles. We've recently been working hard on upgrading our servers. The members area server and the freegames server. We want to say thank you to all the supporting members over the past years. Your membership dollars have been put to good use in keeping this site going!! We've set aside a budget for hiring new models for the site. We'll be changing the polls pretty soon allowing members to vote on who next strip models will be for the new year. Thanks again for all your support! We will have more updates soon!

We've expanded our Jigsaw Puzzles X section!! Enjoy 6 new exciting puzzles... There are 3 new horizontal puzzles and 3 new vertical puzzles. You'll find them in "gallery3" and "gallery6" respectively.

We've added 2 new classic Jigsaw Puzzles (63 pieces). You'll find these puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles section.

It's finally here! Classic Strip Poker with Taxi Driver Amanda Lexx! There are Tons of new voice clips unique to her costume! (Don't forget to click on her for audio reponses.)

6 new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles have been added!! Featuring 2 most popular models... Aria Giovanni and Jessie Capelli. and we have a new girl - check out Claudia - a hot brunette!

News! We'll be getting Amanda Lexx for another classic Strip Poker before the end of the month! Get ready for Taxi Driver Amanda!

For all the Jigsaw puzzle fans, we've added 6 new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles!

News! We'll be getting Amanda Lexx for another classic Strip Poker before the end of the month! Get ready for Taxi Driver Amanda!

Little Lily is back! This time we have her in our classic old style Strip Poker. Come check her out in her babydoll outfit.

Another Major Update! We got a new type of Jigsaw Puzzle X engine- Introducing the Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles. We made 12 new puzzles of the top favorite models voted by our members (Alley Baggett, Sweet Shea, Jessie Capelli, and Aria Giovanni)! Not a member? Now is a good time to Join our Members Area!

Our members have voted Alley Baggett as their most favorite eAdultGames model! (Alley is currently in the lead in our members poll still!) Well- we've got good news for you guys. Alley has her own Internet TV Show - over at the ABTV Show. Come Join Alley Baggett as she gets naughty with other super models! Stuff you've never seen before! She's a got a free video clip intro so go check it out. (Stay Tuned! We've got some new Alley Baggett games coming soon.)

Lynne is back! We've received overwhelming request for more of our Red Ridding Hood Lynne. She's back as French Maid Lynne! Catch her in the Strip Casino or in Strip Blackjack games gallery. (Over 35 dynamic poses to see!)

We've added Porn Star Devon in her new fuzzy white outfit to our strip casino lineup! This is a must strip game! Devon's final nude poses are definitely worth seeing and certain to please you!! (Catch her only in the Strip Casino!)

By Popular Request! Porn Star Devon is back! We'll be adding her to the Strip Casino here later this week! Be sure to check back! You dont want to miss out on her fuzzy outfit!

We've added Amateur Queen Taylor Campbell into our Strip Casino and Strip Blackjack gallery! Be sure to check out her website at: Taylor's Tail If you like big boobs, you'll love Taylor!! She's got big knockers!

News!! We've got porn star- Charme Starr added to our site! Catch her only in our Strip Casino.

Even more Jigsaw Puzzles X!! We've added 18 more jigsaw puzzles!! Another major update! Hours of fun!

NEW! Jigsaw Puzzles X! We've added a new section to our games gallery in the members area. With 18 new jigsaw puzzles! For the past few weeks, we've been working on a new Jigsaw Puzzle engine... The new Jigsaw Puzzles has tons of improvement and new features. We got a Larger Work Space (for those with a bigger monitor, you'll appreciate this, for those who dont u can always use the scroll bars.), More pieces! That's right- we've got 117 pieces now for longer play time. The file size of the game is 2 times smaller then before. Slow modem users will appreciate this part the most. The pieces are no longer grainy. We're using 32-bit colors on all the pieces. (Before we were using 8-bit colors). Enjoy this major update!

We snuck into our games gallery new jigsaw puzzles. Thanks to Taylor'sTail, Bobbi Billard, and Regina Russell! for these puzzles. The Newer puzzle types will be coming real soon!

New Strip Casino dealer!! We've got Porn Star Chloe Anderson added to our Strip Casino! Come check her out now!!

We've added a members poll to our site. The members poll will be used to get some feedbacks on the site. Sometimes we'll have random questions just for fun... so check back often..

It's finally here! The moment you've been waiting for... We've got the Official Alley Baggett Strip Poker! In this game, you'll be able to hear Alley's sweet sexy voice! We had a really great time working with Alley on this game. Join our members program today to play this new game... Don't forget to visit her website at: www.alleybaggett.net

We've added 2 new Jigsaw Puzzles with Briana Banks and Regina Russell!

In galaxy far far away-- comes Tanya Danielle and her little green dude. Check out Strip Blackjack with Tanya Danielle in the members area! Thanks to the folks at SpaceBabeCentral for the latest addition to our site.

We've added 2 new Jigsaw Puzzles with Bobbi Billard and Amanda Lexx!

We've added Porn Star Chrissy Sparks to our Strip Casino!!! Check her out and other fine porn stars only in the members area!

We've recently added 2 new Jigsaw Puzzles with Rachel Ayars. Another hot Playboy model featured in Playboy's College Girls and Girls of Summer edition.

We've got a new hot celebrity on our site!! Come play Strip Blackjack with Alley Baggett! Alley Baggett is most popularly known as Playboy's Book of Lingerie Model of the Year in 1998 and 2000! Not only is she a hot model, she is also the Star of an Action Super Heroine comic book Alley Cat, with her own Action Figures too! Join our members area today and play strip games with Alley Baggett and other hot celebrities!! We would like to thank Alley Baggett for coming in and working with us in developing this game!! Don't forget to visit her official website: www.alleybaggett.net

2 more jigsaw puzzles have been added to the Jigsaw Puzzles section! Featuring Devon and Chrissy Sparks! (Remember, you can learn about the models featured in the Jigsaw Puzzles, by clicking on the About button.)

2 new jigsaw puzzles have been added!!

3 new jigsaw puzzles have been added! More on the way. We've reorganized our Jigsaw Puzzles section to support our large gallery of puzzles!

For those who have fantasized about Alicia Silverstone naked, you're in luck! No- we don't have Alicia Silverstone, but we've got Jacynda! Check out Jacynda in the Strip Casino! (MEMBERS ONLY)

If Strip Soccer is not for you- then hang on to your hats- We've got more models for you to strip in the Strip Casino coming soon! We're also looking into expanding our Jigsaw Puzzles gallery!

At last! It's finally here! Sports Fans- Get ready for Indoor Strip Soccer! (only in the members area!)

Coming the end of this week, we've got Strip Soccer with Shauna O'Brien. And Strip Blackjack with Alley Baggett coming next week.

We've just updated Strip Poker with Shauna O'Brien to include voices! Check her out in the Strip Poker games gallery (members area only). Shauna's sexy voice is certain to satisfy you! I know it's going to be "hard", but remember to keep both hands on the keyboard!

We've added Strip Blackjack with Cheerleader Faith! Thanks to Faith at Faith Fantasy for modeling for this game! Faith is just one hot sexy blonde!!

We've added a bunch of new jigsaw puzzles for you guys to enjoy! One of the models in one game looks like Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider chick), and another one looks like Alicia Silverstone. Solve the puzzles and decide for yourself!

Happy Easter everybody! If you didn't get your Easter Egg- It's not too late! We've added a special Holiday Puzzle in our member's holiday games section. Thanks to the Easter Bunny Sweet Shea for providing us with the images for this game.

We've converted two more models from the old Strip Blackjack into the Strip Casino. Jeanette and Melanie. Now Jeanette is no Playmate but she does look a bit like Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy. We've updated these 2 models with a few additional poses that you won't find in the old Strip Blackjack game.

We've updated Strip Poker with Phobe to include voices! Check her out in the Strip Poker games gallery (members only). If you play with her long enough- You'll notice some changes with her responses when you click on her.

We've updated the Strip Casino to version 1.06! We've figured out a new way to balance the Strip Casino out so that it'll still be fun and challenging. The problem we had before was if we made the game too easy. We're faced with players eventually reaching the top of the high score board too quickly over a period of time. If we make the game too hard- new members get frustrated and quit. The High Score is now calculated more fairly based on how long you've been playing. This gives new members a chance to make the high score board. Here's how the high score is calculated: We take the number of dealers you've beaten and give each dealer a value of 2000. This number is then added to your balance. The final number is then divided by how long you've had your Strip Casino account. This gives us an average of your Daily NetWorth. We've also increased the poker payouts for "A Flush and A Straight" in the Strip Casino. When you get Two of a Kind (also known as a Pair), you'll get a portion of your bet returned to you. (for $1, you'll get it all back).

Good news for Strip Casino players ! We're planning on integrating the originial Strip Poker games into the Strip Casino. We'll be keeping all the game features of the old Strip Poker game in tact. All the odds and the payout tables will be left the same! We're also including the voices to the old Strip Poker game in the Strip Casino as well. The new added benefit is you'll be able to save your balance, and use your earned balance from the new Strip Casino Poker and Strip Casino Blackjack.

We've recently added Elke- a sexy Russian Blonde to our Strip Casino. Thanks to The Elite Sheet for doing the game shoot with Elke. Now for those who live in the Los Angles, CA area- you'll be able to meet Elke (and many other models) in person- just visit the The Elite Sheet for more information. Members of eAdultFun - our model selection for the Strip Casino gets updated every 10 minutes- so if you don't find the model you're looking for- build up your dollars and check game lobby later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We've just updated our Strip Breakout section with a new Breakout game.... Come play Strip Breakout with Shauna O'Brien!! An Irish name for an Irish day! Shauna O'Brien isn't just another name.... She's one of the big stars in the B-movie genre! You may have seen her on HBO, Cinemax (Skinemax), and Showtime. She's got her own mini-series: Lady Chatterley's Stories where she plays Lady Chatterley. Strip Breakout is a members game only! Thanks to Shauna for coming in for the photoshoot! It was a blast! (We'll be updating her Strip Poker game to include her voice recordings soon.)

The wait is finally over! For those who's been waiting for the launch of Justice Babes- you no longer have to wait! JusticeBabes.com is now live! Members of eadultgames will be able to reuse their Strip Casino balance over at the Justice Babes Strip Casino when they signup and become a JusticeBabes member.

We've added XXX Star - Tina Cheri to our lineup of models for you to strip! Come play Strip Blackjack with Tina Cheri. Then meet her in Person! That's right. Tina's Strip game was made possible by The Elite Sheet, a free listing of escorts and XXX stars available for personal introductions. You'll be able to meet Tina and other Porn Stars. Visit their site to play the free version of Tina Cheri's strip blackjack.

We've updated Strip Casino to version 1.05 which contains a new feature. When you roll over a dealer's face in the selection menu, their name will appear under the headshot. Also, don't forget to check each Sunday for bonus dollars! We've been adding Bonus dollars each week to everybody's account. Our way of saying thanks for being a member!

We added porn star Devon to our Strip Casino-

We added adult film star Gina Ryder! One of the hottest pornstars!! That's right! You'll be able to Strip Gina Ryder only in the Strip Casino!

We've added 2 new models to the Strip Casino- Gauge and Aria Giovanni. Make sure you guys clear out your cache before playing- we've updated the Strip Casino to version 1.04b. We fixed all the bug reports that have been coming in related to the old Strip Poker games in the games gallery.

Our Strip Casino is now fully live and available for intensive playing! We've added the highscore, and bonus payout feature. Players will now able to save their virtual earnings and build up their stats. Each time you strip our dealers, we will record your victory! Join Now and start playing!

We added a new Strip Poker game with Amanda Lexx. You'll be able to hear Amanda's sweet sexy voice in this poker game. Be sure to check out her website when you're done playing. You'll be able to chat with her Live on her webcam!

By popular demand and special requests.. We've made a new Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle for Valentine's day. You will be rewarded with a surprise box when you solve this image. Hope you guys have a Happy Valentine's Day

We've added something different to our Blackjack lineup. Check out Ophelia Torn, from the Spasm Underworld - A fantasy world beyond your sexual imagination! Warning: Spasm-Underworld is not for everybody. Ophelia Torn reminds me a bit of Spawn by Todd McFarlane.

We updated our members video gallery with 6 new video clips with a new model Candy! We've also been updating our photo gallery with new descriptions.

We've added a new crackdown construction work for you guys to play with. Thanks to Kayla Marie of Kayla Cam for modeling for us.

We've added a new Jigsaw Puzzle (#30) of Rachel Ayars posing under the lemon tree.

We added Strip Poker with Cop Girl Julie to our models lineup. Enjoy! This year we are expecting some great new models for Poker. We're hoping to get some more big names added to the site, so keep your fingers crossed!

If you're in the mood for Kinky Toons, check out Beth's Kinky Toons Central. For all those looking for freegames, we've recently provided Kinky Toons Central with some freegames. You'll find some free games over there that's not found here. We've also made bunch of custom Jigsaw Puzzles for Beth. We thought we'd help her out with her website a bit with some bonus games. Be sure to give her site a vist. Members: We've added one of the Kinky Toons Jigsaw Puzzle to our members area for you to play with (Puzzle #50).

Happy New Year! We've added a new Jigsaw Puzzle (#91) with Regina Russell in our members area.

We improved the Gallery Image viewer in the members area. You can now view the next images without having to hit that back button all the time. Have a Happy New Year!

We've added a new Jigsaw Puzzle (#92) with Heidy Ho. She's a real fox. Check her jigsaw puzzle game out in our members area.

2 New Xmas Games have been added to our Holiday Section! We've got a special Crackdown Game with Aria Giovanni in the Holiday Section. For those who manage to get to level 10, you will be well rewarded! FYI: Aria Giovanni was Penthouse Pet for September 2000. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

Look out Terrorists! We've enlisted Special Force Agent - Amanda Lexx for our members area. Come play Strip Blackjack with Amanda Lexx. She is one fine sexy babe in disguise! Strip her naked and discover her top secret weapon. Thanks to Amanda Lexx for coming in and working with us on this game. Be sure to visit her website! You'll be able to chat with her live when you signup to her site.

Have you been searching for naked pictures of Bobbi Billard? Well- you're in luck! We have something even better! We've developed the official authorized Bobbi Billard nude jigsaw puzzle! Join our members area and play the Bobbi Billard Jigsaw Puzzle (#29) and you'll be able to see Bobbi Billard naked! Today's also Bobbi Billard's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Bobbi!!

Members may have already noticed the new jigsaw puzzle we posted recently (Puzzle #94). Many thanks to Regina Russell for submitting the picture. For those who dont know who Regina Russell is, she's a super HOT B-movie actress who's appeared in many of the B-movie films found on Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and Playboy channel. When you guys get a chance to join her website, you'll be able to chat with her during her video cam shows or spy on her through her spycam.

MASSIVE UPDATES to our Jigsaw Puzzle section! Members of eAdultGames will now be able to enjoy solving our Jigsaw Puzzles even more so then before. We've updated ALL of our Jigsaw Puzzles with the new version. The new version removes the title bar from the game screen thus extends the game area for more playing room. We've also added a bunch of new Jigsaw Puzzles for you to solve. Thanks to the folks at Strip Couch for providing us with the images for the new jigsaw puzzles.

There was a minor bug with Strip Blackjack Sussana. One of the images missing from the game file, which caused a script error. It's now fixed. Many thanks to the devoted member who emailed us the report.

We added a new Strip Blackjack game! Come play Strip Blackjack with Cheerleader Nicolette. Nicky's got her own amateur website at Nicolette's Notebook. Check it out when you get a chance.

New Sweet Shea Jigsaw Puzzles (puzzle #22,24,25) have been added to our members area. Thanks to Sweet Shea for providing us with these images. Check out her web site for some great streaming videos!! She's got some pretty intensive videos+mpgs in her members area that'll keep you warm for the Holidays.

We created a Frequently Asked Questions section in our members area to provide better support for our existings members and new members. The FAQ is a compilation of all the questions asked by members over the years. (New members will find this FAQ helpful).

Construction Worker Rachel is back! By popular requests from those who got a taste of her in our strip breakout bonus game and recently in the crackdown bonus game. This time you will be able to strip her the way you want her in Strip Poker with Rachel. (only in the members area)

There's a new jigsaw puzzle over at Justice Babes. All the puzzles on there are full versions. You'll be able to sample the new members only feature. We also posted a new message board on the site for surfers to contribute ideas. We even revealed some new information about the secret project. Check it out!

For those who got to play our new Xmas puzzle, you'll notice that we've increased the playing area giving you more work room to solve the puzzle. We took out the title bar to give you that extra space. We will be doing a massive update to our Jigsaw Puzzles gallery pretty soon. This is a members feature only.

Winter is coming! Tammy Winters that is! Some of you may have noticed our new Xmas jigsaw puzzle in our Holiday Games section (members area). Tammy Winters and her friends are santa's helpers this year. Solve her Xmas jigsaw puzzle, and you'll be rewarded with a present. Open the present for an additional reward image. Thanks to Tammy Winters for contributing the images. Look for more games with Tammy Winters coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to all the members and ex-members this past year for making eAdultGames possible. The staff and I are really thankful for your support. If it wasn't for you guys, this site would not be here today. Thanks to those fans who have sent in personal email greetings!

We were updating our system's login feature briefly for an hour. Some of you may have gotten a login expiration message during this brief moment. My apologies for the gliche. The members login should be working properly now.

A whole new concept! We're currently developing a new casino style game system, that allows you to play games and accumulate "virtual dollars", or credits. Similar to how you play Strip Poker now, but you will be able to leave the game with your earnings, in which they can be carried over to the next game. Your credits will be stored in your "virtual bank account". We will post the top players who have accumulated the most. This will also act as a high score. More on this concept coming soon. Join our members area to check out the prototype and send us feedbacks. Only members will be able to suggest ideas.

We've done some new updates to JusticeBabes recently. There's a new free Jigsaw Puzzle (full version!) posted over there as well.

New Site Design! We've updated all of our pages to relect the new look and new menu bar.

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