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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 205+ games to play with in the members area!

MASSIVE UPDATES TO STRIP BLACKJACK!! (Members only) We've received a lot of emails from our female audience telling us that they are not properly represented by the cartoon fella, Benny. Since we wouldn't want the ladies to feel left out, we've instructed our graphic artists to draw up a new cartoon character. Introducing... Bonny! Our new Strip Blackjack player. We've updated our entire Strip Blackjack Games to allow a character selection and include the previously announced changes and enchancements to improve gameplay. We've been working hard the past months to update all of our strip blackjack games. In addition to code changes, we've added new images to most of the blackjack games to include new dynamic poses. We've added more poses to School Girl Tracy, School Girl Jenna Lyte, Baby Doll Karen, Fall Wear Josha, and many others. (I must say, BabyDoll Karen looks almost like Elizabeth Shue! Imagine that.. Elizabeth Shue naked!!)

We have a special limited time treat this week for members only. Kayla Marie (CrankyAngel) of Kayla Cam has kindly offered all members of eAdultGames free access into her members area for a whole week!! Members can go participate in her live video chat tomorrow night and all of next week. (Note: This free access will expire on 11/16/01) Many thanks to Kayla Marie! If you're not a member of eAdultGames, now is the time to join! Hurry before this free treat expires.

Just In! We finished Strip Blackjack with Nurse Rachel Ayars. Rachel Ayars is actually a nursing student in real life when she's not posing for Playboy! Check her out in our Member's Strip Blackjack Gallery! Don't forget to visit Rachel Ayars' Official Fan Site.

Happy Halloween! Our server upgrade last week was a success! Downtime was less then we expected. As a free treat- check out Justice Babes for a new full version Jigsaw Puzzle.

Our site will be temporarily down on Friday morning for server upgrade. The down time will be really short. 2-3 hours probably. We're adding new hardware. New Processors and additional memory. This is your membership dollars put to good use! I want to thank to all the members who made this site possible over this past year! This week marks the anniversary date of eAdultGames.com!

Announcing Asia Carrera Strip Poker!! That's right we have finished Strip Poker with Asia Carrera. (A members only game!) Check out Asia in her school girl outfit! This is the Official Asia Carrera Strip Poker game! Thanks to Asia Carrera for working with us in developing this game. I'll have to admit, Asia Carrera really looks a lot like Tia Carrere (the Relic Hunter babe) in our strip poker game.

The site was temporarily down for unannounced maintenance for a few hours. My apologizes for any inconvenience. On a different note. We hope to have Asia Carrera Strip Poker ready before the end of the month. We are also working on getting a few new celebrities for the site as well. We're holding off on announcing them right now, since we don't want to generate any hypes and make any promises we can't keep. Expect some great stuff coming soon!

We have added 2 new jigsaw puzzles to our puzzle gallery. (puzzle 19, and 101). Thanks to Kayla Marie of Kayla Cam for providing us with the picture for puzzle 19. Thanks to Valerie Cox of Naughty Valerie for the picture for puzzle 101.

For those looking for something free to play with, I posted a new Jigsaw Puzzle (full version) over at Justice Babes.

We've updated our Jigsaw Puzzle section with 3 new jigsaw puzzles (17, 18, 99). Thanks to Jacy, Rachel Ayars, Asia Carrera and Shauna O'Brien for contributing the images for these games! Puzzle 99 is cross over game with Shauna and Asia. Enjoy! (members only)

News Flash! We have finished developing Strip Poker with Rachel Ayars. This game is a members only game. FYI: Rachel Ayars is a super hot blonde model who's appeared in Playboy's Summer Special Edition (2001) and Playboy's College Special Edition (2000). Many thanks to Rachel for taking the time out to work with us in developing this game!! Be sure to check out Rachel Ayars' Official Fan Club.

New Game! We developed a new game called Crack Down. See if you can remove all the colored blocks and rescue the babe buried underneath the rubbles. Each level has a new reward image hidden behind the blocks. This is a members only game!

My staff and I wanted to take some time to offer our hopes and wishes to those of you who have lost loved ones or have suffered as a result of the horrific tragedy this past Tuesday.

All of us here cannot express the shock we felt at the suffering of our friends, family, and fellow citizens of the world this week.

We urge all of our members and surfers, where ever you are, whoever you may be, please take some time to help those who are in need as a result of this these tragedies.

Let us remind people that the Internet works because of the cooperation and spirit of individuals. Please take the time to donate blood or money to help in the recovery. Visit the Red Cross and Amazon.com for more information.

We'd also like to thank those of you who've e-mailed us your kind words.

New Game!! We have just finished Strip Poker with Amber Newman and it is now available in the members game gallery. Amber Newman is a well known B-movie actress who has appeared in numerous movies and shows on Cinemax (Skinamax as some of you would call it), HBO, and Showtime. This game includes Amber's Voice. You'll be able to hear her moan and climax.

We've updated all of the Strip Poker games in the members area, and fixed all of the reported bugs found by members.

The moment you've all been bugging me about. Strip Blackjack with Asia Carrera is finally available!! Asia Carrera's game contains over 50 images. This is the largest strip blackjack game to date and is also one of the more difficult games to beat. A total of 10 strip stages. Are you good enough to take the Asia Carrera Challenge? Many thanks to Asia Carrera for taking the time out from her busy schedule to work with us on developing this game. Note: Asia Carrera's Game is a members only game. If you are not already a member, what are you waiting for? Signup today!!

I've updated some of the newer versions of Strip Blackjack to include a card shuffling sound, so for those who do count cards, you can now keep track of when the deck is reshuffled. We (my staff and I) will be applying this new feature to the rest of the other strip blackjack games soon. We will also be updating the games so our models will change position on pushes, and winnings when you are half-naked. This will at least improve your chances of seeing more dynamic poses.

We will be adding Asia Carrera Strip Blackjack very soon. We are doing the finishing touches to the game now. We have also posted tips and hints for members for winning Strip Blackjack.

For the past few weeks, I've been collaborating with Jeff Whiting, a real kick-ass comic book artist, on a cool new project. The project has been a super secret project until now. Are dying to find out what it is? Check out JusticeBabes.com and click on What's New to learn more about the super secret project. We plan to create a whole separate site devoted to 3D style art renders of sexy Super Heroines. I will make some of the inital Justice Babes games available to the members of eAdultgames to help promote the new site and get feedbacks. For those looking for the full blow Justice Babes experience, you will be able to signup to become a member of JusticeBabes.com once the site is ready to accept membership. We will have some free promotional materials as well for you guys to check out.

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