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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 205+ games to play with in the members area!

New! Strip Poker with EZ Cherry! This is an early release... I know I recently added a new poker game but thought I'd make you guys extra happy with this new game. That's right, you get to play it here first and hear her voice. Many thanks to Cherry for doing the modeling and voice recording. Check out her site if you want to see other photos of her. If any of you guys come across models who have their own site on the net, please email them and tell them about our games. We're willing to do game exchange deals with them. (Plus it'll give you guys a chance to be our scout for the next eAdultGames model.) Also, thanks to one of our members for testing it. (You know who you are.) A free version of Cherry will be coming soon!!

For our members only: We have updated Strip Poker with Taxi Regina to include more images for tipping and voice clips! Hail down Regina and let her take you for a ride!. We have added Strip Poker with Cowgirl Jordyn today. Unfortunately, there are no voice clips for her. Finally, thanks to one of our members for beta-testing it. He provided great inputs. We fixed the cash stacking bug(minor cosmetic change). Some of our games didn't show the cash stacking up properly. The money you start out with are now a bit more random. We color coded the text for Poker to indicate the voice or no voice. (white text have voices, and gray text does not.) We are looking to update the no voices in the future. Enjoy the new updates! Visit Regina's Fan Club for more of Regina Taylor.

New jigsaw puzzles have been added to the members area!!

We have added Strip Poker with Jesse Capelli to the poker games gallery. We fixed a graphics glitche in the Hot Pink Karen - Strip Poker game. There are a few extra tip poses added to Jesse's Strip Poker game, depending on how you go about stripping her.

We added a new Strip Blackjack model, Cranky Angel - "Wonder Babe". Check her out in the member's Strip Blackjack Games Gallery!

We've updated the Strip Breakout with new puzzles and new pictures for each of the 10 levels. (members area)

Happy New Year everybody!! It's not official yet. But looks like we will be getting some more famous celebrities in our strip games. I'm looking forward to announcing it at the end of this month. Cross your fingers!! Once we get this next celebrity (a top porn star), we might be on a good roll for more! It's going to be a great year.

We've updated the School Girl Jodi Poker to include more tip poses and speech! (IN THE MEMBERS AREA)

Merry Christmas everybody! For those who haven't noticed, I added Hot Pink Karen to our Strip Poker gallery! Enjoy! (MEMBERS ONLY) I will have more games coming after the New Year. Thanks for making this site possible! I really appreciate all your support, patience, comments, suggestions, and compliments. Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

It's finally here! Just in time for Christmas! Strip Santa's Helper. Check her out in the Holiday Games section! (FOR MEMBERS ONLY) The game is packed with over 42 images with multiple ending images.! (I've even added an extra clothes to our cartoon friend to give players an extra chance of winning.) Happy Holidays everybody!

Minor improvement. We've added an icon for the site. So if you are using IE, when you bookmark our login page or frontpage. You will get an icon to go with your bookmark or shortcut.

Even more holiday games have been added to the members holiday games section. A new block jigsaw puzzle challenge! We've even added a special reward upon solving it.

We've added another game section to the games gallery called Holiday Games in the members area. In the future, you will find holiday games in this section. More games are on the way. (AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS ONLY)

We have added a new billing system to the site. If your membership expires, you may sign up again using the new billing system. For most of you who have the 1 year membership, I guess you won't need to worry about it for a while. Thanks again for all those who helped me troubleshoot the new login page!

The new login page has been setup. You must enter the site through the login page if you have a membership.

We will be switching to a new login system for the members area pretty soon.

For a limited time only! For those who don't already have the 1 year membership, act now! I am offering the 1 year membership for $30. I'm switching to a new billing system soon, and the price structure is going to change to $30 for 6 months. And $50 for 1 year.

Strip Blackjack with Jesse Capelli has been added to the members area. For members, all of our games have multiple endings for replayability.

For all those who signed up for the 1 week membership, I'm going to extend your membership for another week! Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for your support in keeping this site going! I will have new games ready after thanksgiving.

Strip Breakout is now available to the members, in the members games gallery.

News Flash! We will be getting Jesse Capelli for our Strip Blackjack and Strip Poker games! That's right a celebrity. For those who don't know who she is - Jesse Capelli was featured as Jennifer Leone in Perfect 10 magazine. She's also one of the women on the new tv show Battle Dome. (Visit the BattleDome website).

We made a server upgrade on Sat. If you experienced any problems over the weekend, that's probably why. The good news is - things should be running a lot faster now.

2 More Blackjack games have been added to the members area - Copgirl Rochelle and Dressed Up Jonathan. I've gotten a lot of requests from a few members for more male models ("my girlfriend/wife wants to play with more male models.") So to humor the various audience out there with such a request, you'll notice that one of our new blackjack model is a male! Signup and become a member today and enjoy these new additions.

2 more Strip Blackjack girls were added to the members area today. Cowgirl Sussana and French Maid Marie.

This site is now officially ready to accept membership. Members section now has 16 Strip Poker girls and 25 Strip Blackjack girls with more on the way.

We've added bunch of new games to the free section. Please check them out.

We've got more models for poker and blackjack. Look for them on the poker and blackjack pages. We also got new photos for puzzles. These will be added as soon as we get them developed.

Recently added Strip Blackjack with cop girl Julie in the free games section. We've also added the free jigsaw puzzles.

Been working on the site layout recently. We are expecting to have a full site up and running within the next two weeks. Be sure to check back often. For now, enjoy the free games.

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